(I'm not) Like the other girls ..

Someone asked me why I did not trim and shape my eyebrow like the other girls (Cewe-cewe jaman sekarang), and I can only laugh, 
what ..! the other girls, when I was drinking I might choke to hear it hahaha *piss .. I never had a desire to trim and shape eyebrows like the the other girls, I think this is a sinchan renewal of eyebrows. 
But i cancel it..

I think revoke eyebrows for the unmarried was forbidden, and it may be allowed to shape it, but I'm still on my principles. If I trim my eyebrows or to follow trends like the other girls I likely will not look overlook at the wedding, during which I become queen one day hehehey .. 

And I do not want to be like the other girls who look the same, I want to be a different and unique, not a follower of trends but its creator hihih :p . Do not follow the trend and apply it to life does not mean outdated. I think is an important trend that we will know everything that happened at that time, to follow or not is up to you.

My mother always said that i have taste was odd, but I think it is unique and different. There is a dress that I bought with my mom and she said it was tacky clothes. However some time later became a trend developing with many motives. I just laughed and proved that my choice was not wrong, I'm not a follower of trends that are booming only in the period of time but I am the creator and you know after that my mom just smiled and said it was good .. hahaha: paha: p

Or on my bike choice is motorcycle coupling. the average girl might prefer riding matic than the motor coupling. Just because the motor coupling is more commonly referred to as a motor man, do you think if the motorcycle had sex? I do not think so, just because the majority of users then the motor has sex hahaha .. (another story..someday i'll tell you)

It’s all about the choice
Be Unique and Different..!!

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. 
The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has even been before 
– Albert Einstein –

Remember me on this post when I changed my mind to trim and shape my eyebrows ;)

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